This package provides ls-age's ESLint configuration

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Current release v0.2.0
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This package provides ls-age's ESLint configuration.

Heavily inspired by Airbnb's ESLint config.

Main differences to eslint-config-airbnb:

ava sub-config

A special config for linting AVA test files.

Usage via .eslintrc

  "extends": "@ls-age/eslint-config/ava"

The mocha environment:

This config contains an advanced mocha environment. The following code is assumed to be in a mocha ESLint environment.

Non-arrow-callbacks are allowed

describe('This is valid', function() { ... })

Importing devDependencies is allowed

In other environments importing devDependencies is not allowed.

Anonymous functions don't need a space before parenthesis:

// This is valid
doAync(function() { ... })

// while this is not
doAync(function () { ... })

Dangling underscores in identifiers are allowed

This allows documentation generators to assume members are private.

API docs are linted

API docs are linted using eslint-plugin-jsdoc.