Tired of running 'git merge origin/master' all the time?

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Tired of running git merge origin/master all the time?



Updating feature branches or branches created by tools like greenkeeper from master can be a real pain when maintaining a large number of repos. The update-branch tool does just this: Update a branch from another.


With node >= 10 installed run npm i -g @ls-age/update-branch or use directly via npx.


Command line interface

Note: Use npx @ls-age/update-branch instead of update-branch if you want to run it via npx.

In most cases you'll just run update-branch update, which update your current branch from origin/master.

usage: update-branch update [-h] [--branch TARGET] [--from SOURCE]
                            [-m MESSAGE] [--no-fetch]

Updates a branch

Optional arguments:
  --branch TARGET       The branch to update. Defaults to the currently
                        active branch.
  --from SOURCE         The branch to update from. The default value is
  -m, --message MESSAGE The merge commit message. The default value is
                        "chore: Update from SOURCE".
  --no-fetch            Do not fetch changes.

Global arguments:
  -h, --help            Show help message and exit.
  --verbose             Enable additional logging
  -S, --silent          Suppress all logging
  -L, --log-level LEVEL Set the log level


Coming soon

Check out the source code in the meantime.